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Could this be the end of movies as we know it?

A $500 Million Week for Grand Theft Auto – New York Times

The music industry has been hit hard by the digital age and the tv and movie industry are still hanging on but it seems to be a losing battle against super fast broadband connections. The only ones that seem to be having a good year are videogames.

Halo 3, the big winner of 2007 in terms of sales outsold the entire Hollywood lineup in terms of money earned and the latest version of Grand Theft Auto seems to have done the same.

The New York Times reports that in a span of one week, the franchise has taken home $500M with 3.6M copies sold on the first day.

Sure it’s quite a wait between sequels but the overhead, depending on the franchise is either equal or smaller than that of a major motion picture.

Until pirates figure out how to completely fool game consoles, it looks like videogames will be the main choice of entertainment in this generation.