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Dozing off this weekend

Finally I’ve gotten some “me” time and totally ignored almost everything that is happening in the world. Seriously, I have no idea what’s going out there aside from iPhone activation problems.

Finally updated my iPod Touch to 2.0 and installed the apps. Haven’t bought one yet though. My favorite one so far is the Remote app and Twitterrific. The remote app is great! Now I have to place speakers throughout the entire house and wire them to the Airport Express so I can hear and control music from anywhere in the house.

I’ve been 1 month away from my Wii Fit which is why there hasn’t been any updates on that part. I will need to get back on it. Probably by tomorrow. I don’t expect to working 12-16 hour shifts next week. Actuallly I need a vacation after all of that. Even if it’s just one day.

I still have to get started on my D&D 4th edition and pass by the comic book store as well to pickup some new Secret Invasion issues. I’ve got around 5 manga books that need to be read and don’t get me started on my gaming backlog. I actually needed another Xbox than a PS3, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I have another PS3 while I send the other one for repairs. Yes I got the dreaded blu-ray death.

Other than that, I’m just relaxing like steamed vegetables.

Bikini babes are more harmless than Bart and Homer’s rants

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Simpsons ditched by Venezuelan TV

I know this isn’t tech related. I know missed the news that iTunes is now the king of music and so on. But I can’t pass this up.

A Venezuelan TV station has removed the popular cartoon series “The Simpsons” because of complaints from TV viewers and deemed unsuitable for children. It has now been replaced by Baywatch Hawaii.

Ah yes. Cartoons. But seriously, Baywatch?!?!

It is also noted that this station also airs a talk show by President Hugo Chavez.

How long should you wait?

It hits me around June and July. I consider these months to be my depression months when I think too much about everything. And since I’ve decided to separate my personal thoughts and my opinion on technology and games to my 1up page this place is now devoted to all my rants about everything not related to tech and games and anime and probably movies as well. As for my dot mac site, I still haven’t thought of what to do with that.

Anyway let’s get straight to the point.

How long should you keep people on your friends list? I mean, do you really keep in touch with these people on your friends list? Let’s say you do and they don’t reciprocate? What then? What then do you do?

I usually just let the number rot on my phone until the day that my phone tells me that my directory is full and if I want to delete the number that’s the number I press the erase button on.

But then there are times that number actually calls back.

Lately I’ve been sooo lazy in my directory that when the office calls I just answer the thing to save me the effort of deleting the number eventually.

To keep or not to keep?

Dashboard killed my movies

It’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog and I think I should start updating it a bit.

Now on to the topic. This spring, after one year of Xbox 360 bliss, I traded in my Xbox 360 for a newer version since there were some problems that were starting to pop up like the disc wont eject 3RL and so on and since it was still under warranty I decided to trade it in. Anyway I came back home and updated the 360 to the much awaited dashboard update.

I eagerly log in and start playing. Browsing through the dashboard is much easier now but there was one thing I didn’t notice at first. Almost all my HD movie trailers and some of the stuff they offered for free before had their license revoked. Meaning I can’t play the thing. What!!!

Not only that, I can’t download the new HD trailer for the Matrix HD series since it’s not available in my region. It’s just surprising that I can’t download promotions for things they want us to buy. This is ridiculous, I know M$ wants to make the Xbox their media center, but why restrict users from what they can download by region?

This is the reason why piracy thrives in places outside the US. The restrictions and the delays in releasing these media in places where they do not share the same region code for the US drive people to get it elsewhere. Adding restrictions may boost corporate confidence in them but sadly it doesn’t boost consumer confidence other than their fancy menus.

site where people can post pictures of people parking like assholes. Check out the asshole SUV taking up 3 spots!

I love this site!!! it has happened to you before. The one and only empty parking space has been hogged by someone who cannot park right. This is long overdue. I’m printing out those forms and start tagging all those cars whose owners can’t seem to park or even have the decency to park right. Parking is a privilege.

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Can we finally get back to work?

Congress has finally dismissed the second impeachment complaint against Philippine President Arroyo with a unanimous vote of 173-32-1.

This was the first major issue Congress tackled since it was formally opened by the President just last month.

According to the Philippine Constituition, another impeachment case cannot be filed within the same year the first one was cast.

Now the opposition has a year to file another one. Can we finally get back to work?

But on the eve of an election year, I seriously doubt that would happen. We are about to see all of the grandstanding and publicity moves up until the elections next year. And we’ll never get anything done. I wish congress will prove me wrong.

Prove me wrong for once. I want to be surprised that they will pass the anti-terror bill. I want them to start debating about digital security, copywright and internet privacy. That they will finally pass laws that will matter.

Stop with the bickering and media grandstanding. File those claims of election fraud in the proper venue. That is why we have the courts. That is not the job television.

There’s a lot of work to be done. The president has started. Now can congress?

Games Industry is ‘Failing Women’

The videogames industry is continuing to fail women by not producing suitable content, a senior executive at Electronic Arts (EA) has said.

EA meet Nintendo. It seems that Nintendo has the pulse of women when it comes to games. The Nintendo DS has brought more women to gaming than EA. I will admit that I do not have exact scientific figures for it but it brought my sister to gaming. She was a gamer when the games are there. But she never really caught on the Sims or Sim City or any other game for that matter. I’ve had a lot of the modern consoles, PS1, PS2, Gamecube, PSP, Xbox360 and DS but she didn’t play as much as I did until Nintendogs came out. She bought her own DS and games. Now she has her own collection of DS games apart from my own. Who says women are not into gaming?!? They just haven’t made the right game.

Game developers have been too busy with “trends” and the “in” thing and have completely forgotten about being innovative and fun. Which in the first place games are supposed to be. Nintendo has never been afraid to do that even if they did lose out big to Sony in the past. But apparently it’s paying out now. DS sales are higher than PSP sales everywhere. Most of my friends who went out and bought PSPs are switching to the DS. For me, games have to be what they’re meant to be. Fun. As long as it’s fun, you’ll get the sales and women will digg it too.

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