Games Industry is ‘Failing Women’

The videogames industry is continuing to fail women by not producing suitable content, a senior executive at Electronic Arts (EA) has said.

EA meet Nintendo. It seems that Nintendo has the pulse of women when it comes to games. The Nintendo DS has brought more women to gaming than EA. I will admit that I do not have exact scientific figures for it but it brought my sister to gaming. She was a gamer when the games are there. But she never really caught on the Sims or Sim City or any other game for that matter. I’ve had a lot of the modern consoles, PS1, PS2, Gamecube, PSP, Xbox360 and DS but she didn’t play as much as I did until Nintendogs came out. She bought her own DS and games. Now she has her own collection of DS games apart from my own. Who says women are not into gaming?!? They just haven’t made the right game.

Game developers have been too busy with “trends” and the “in” thing and have completely forgotten about being innovative and fun. Which in the first place games are supposed to be. Nintendo has never been afraid to do that even if they did lose out big to Sony in the past. But apparently it’s paying out now. DS sales are higher than PSP sales everywhere. Most of my friends who went out and bought PSPs are switching to the DS. For me, games have to be what they’re meant to be. Fun. As long as it’s fun, you’ll get the sales and women will digg it too.

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