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Dashboard killed my movies

It’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog and I think I should start updating it a bit.

Now on to the topic. This spring, after one year of Xbox 360 bliss, I traded in my Xbox 360 for a newer version since there were some problems that were starting to pop up like the disc wont eject 3RL and so on and since it was still under warranty I decided to trade it in. Anyway I came back home and updated the 360 to the much awaited dashboard update.

I eagerly log in and start playing. Browsing through the dashboard is much easier now but there was one thing I didn’t notice at first. Almost all my HD movie trailers and some of the stuff they offered for free before had their license revoked. Meaning I can’t play the thing. What!!!

Not only that, I can’t download the new HD trailer for the Matrix HD series since it’s not available in my region. It’s just surprising that I can’t download promotions for things they want us to buy. This is ridiculous, I know M$ wants to make the Xbox their media center, but why restrict users from what they can download by region?

This is the reason why piracy thrives in places outside the US. The restrictions and the delays in releasing these media in places where they do not share the same region code for the US drive people to get it elsewhere. Adding restrictions may boost corporate confidence in them but sadly it doesn’t boost consumer confidence other than their fancy menus.

Microsoft admits to Faulty XBOX360 Hardware but will not fix!

XBOX support will not fix broken hardware that is less then 6 months old, and has already been replaced once due to DEFECTIVE hardware. Phone Audio included.

Having purchased an Xbox just a few months ago this seriously bothered me. Within less than a month I am already getting the E71 error. This is very disturbing. I already spent a ton of money just to buy the console, expecting that it should last me for quite a while. I am thankful that I got the one year warranty. Much cheaper than the one being offered by Microsoft. I get the error when I want to boot into the dashboard and not on the disc. I get the error when I want change discs. Hence I’m just playing one game right now and I don’t boot directly to the hard drive anymore.

But consumer groups should be up in arms like the short iPod battery, we should take them to court! Especially if they knew of the problem already and are not doing anything about it. They should go to their component suppliers and manufacturers and demand better components. It they truly want to be the center of the living room, it should be built to survive in the living room.

I was ready to cast away my doubts on Microsoft’s gaming machine and praise the Xbox. But with defects such as this. It may seem minor to them but it is downright annoying for me. I may stick with the Japanese when it comes to consoles.

BTW, it took five years for my PS2 to have any problems which by then I bought a new one.

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