So what else is new?

After President Arroyo of the Philippines gave her State of the Nation address, her supporters and detractors have once again stepped forward and gave their point of view on the situation.

It’s a sad sad sad world that these people live in. That the be all and end all solution to the current problems facing our nation would be the simplistic ouster of the President. They accuse her of selling false hopes to the people. But at least she has a plan. A solid plan on how to get things going.

What have they promised? Only false hopes as well. Promising that things will be better once she’s gone. Practically the only thing that they can promise. They have no plan for the people but their own.

Another year for our congress and another year of delayed bills and useless bickering instead of helping the country grow. When can everyone finally get on the same page and work for the people for a change?

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