Just recently, it was disclosed to the Philippine public on how inept the elected members of legislature. Can you believe that in past 365 days the Senate only passed 9 bills!?!?!
And my tax money goes to pay these unproductive people!! And worst of all, the people voted for them!!! Don’t even get me started on congress.
Two years ago I believed that the presidential elections that took place would be a turning point for Filipinos. It was a choice they had to make. I believe that the result of the elections was fair though it was very close. Unfortunately it sharply divided the nation. With the masses feeling more oppressed largely by the propaganda by the of the opposition. It saddens me that they can easily be fooled by these so called “defenders of the masses”.
Many do not see how these people live. Many do not see the fancy cars and the tens of bodyguards they bring along with them. They do not see the big houses and the lands that belong to their name. They accuse the majority party of having those things, when they have it too. They are all just the same. It is their motives that are only slightly different.
The senate and congress have done nothing in the past two years but to get the president impeached. Their propaganda has spread so far that the ordinary person does even want the president out. But with no real alternative to the presidency, they do not have support of the people. Why? Because the alternative is worse. It would plunge the country into chaos and bring us right where we were in 1986 before the elections.
Next year is another election year. Think what your congressman or senator has been doing the past three years before you vote. They have done NOTHING FOR YOU.

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