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The appeal of fighting games

I’m not a big fighting game fan. I only get into it casually when the need arises. I skipped the whole Virtual Fighter series when it came out and everyone was flocking to the arcades. There were a few instances I went to the arcade. There was one time in college where we spent the whole afternoon just playing Darkstalkers.


I had no idea what I was playing or what buttons I was pressing but as long as I was having fun I don’t see anything wrong with that. I got myself a Dreamcast shortly before it died due to Shenmue but the office favorite was Soul Calibur. Also an office favorite was Tekken 3 on the PS One which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. I do mean everyone.

We would wait for hours for our turn on the machines at work so what better way to get through the day with a few rounds of Tekken or Soul Calibur. Marvel vd. Capcom wasn’t that popular among the casual gamers. But Soul Calibur was so popular that we weren’t playing anything else in the office. After that era was gone, so was my interest in fighting games.

The only thrill I got from fighting games was the high you would get when fighting another person side by side and not over the network. There was some pleasure derived from button mashing whatever button that was under my fingers and seeing amazing combos come into play.

Ah yes those were the days and now I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Especially when I saw this.

勝つための必須アイテム!? 『ストリートファイターIV スティック』

This is the PS3 wireless version from Hori.

Followed by the wired Xbox 360 model.

These pictures sure are pretty and remind me of those old arcades and the fun I had back then. It seems only prudent for me to buy the control sticks if I buy the game.

Just to let you know, I haven’t decided just yet.