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Macworld 2009 Predictions

As the mac world breathes (intended pun) a sigh of relief that Steve Jobs isn’t dying as evidenced by his letter to the public, he has spoken that everyone should have fun and fun we shall have.

Macworld bingo!

Everyone has their own take on what will come out at Apple’s (last) Macworld and these are some of mine.

  • New iWork 09, cloud options will be a mobile me add on, more collaborative engines (see enterprise) will have additional features linked to OS X Server 10.6
  • Short demo of Snow Leopard
  • Updated iMacs and Mac Minis probably even Mac Pros with the new display ports.
  • Another iPhone/ iPod Touch software update v.3 paid update for Touch users (where’s the love?)
  • 17 inch unibody mac (actually it’s expected since it’s the only portable that hasn’t been upgraded)

I don’t think that they’ll release a net book even though I’m secretly harboring for one. They obviously love the Air despite it’s limitations, namely price. But if Phil Schiller will walk on stage with one, then I will definitely be in heaven. Even if it will be priced in the $600 I will be the first in line to get one.