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Other uses for your iPod Touch

iPod touch M110 sniper rifle: another reason to fear the Cult of Apple – Engadget

Posted over in Engadget, the iPod Touch was loaded with software that will help you with your marksmanship. Just fill in the blanks to know the changes that wind, weather and distance will make to your shots and fire away.

Now available in the iTunes App store so no jail breaking is required.

I finally got one

I couldn’t resist it while I was looking at it in the store. It was just calling out to me. Begging me to set it free from it’s black box with the Macy Gray album on the cover. Yes, I made the jump and paid for a brand new iPod Touch.

Despite many websites citing the obvious flaws of the device, I must say that it’s still something to enjoy. Unlike most of the western world who will get their hands on localized versions of the iPhone in their country before the end of the year, the rest of the world has to wait another year for it and I’m not willing to hack an iPhone in order to get one. SMS messaging on it is archaic by Asian standards and surfing on the EDGE network is just so last gen especially in places such as Asia.

So let’s cut to the chase, the iPod touch delivers on what it promises to be, an iPod. It’s still a great music player (debatable sound quality tho) and video player. Watching videos with subtitles is definitely much easier with the bigger screen. I’m a big video fan of the iPod and the ability to load up at least 6 movies into it and watch it is a joy. Cover flow on it needs some work such as the ability to control the volume and part of the track you want to listen to other than just play-pause buttons on it. Viewing in coverflow shows you all your albums even if it’s not in the playlist you’re listening to.

16GB is just right since my opinion of the iPod is that what’s the point of carrying 3 months worth of music in your pocket if it doesn’t have the battery life to play it. Although 8 might be short for people into tv shows and movies.

Buying music on the iTunes store is smooth. I have two accounts, one on the Japan iTunes store and another on the US store and it syncs with the store to whichever is currently logged in the iTunes in your computer. So I can view both stores on it regardless of my current location. I bought a song just to test it and it downloads fast and is placed into a separate folder in my iTunes as Purchased Music from (insert name of iPod).

The Safari and You Tube experience is something to behold. I’ve gone through a lot of devices (Palm, O2, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and so on) and none of them was able to deliver on the internet experience similar to a PC. Apple delivers in their device. It works as advertised and more. Google Gmail has designed their website just for the Apple devices plus many more.

By default, the iPod Touch is gimped. You are unable to edit calendars, no To-do list, no notes. But with a simple hacking method (so simple that a caveman can do it) these are possible. Thus making the iPod Touch a PDA.

With these in mind, the iPod Touch delivers my needs. Other people have different requirements for the device but all in all I am pretty happy with the device. The only thing I hate, the shiny iPod back that is now pretty scratched up in my jacket pocket. They really need to get into the brushed metal finish. I really really really hate that shiny finish.

Would I really want one?

Apple – iPod touch

It had to happen sooner or later. Apple ships to stores the iPod touch. To put it simply, it’s an iPhone without a phone and an additional 8GB of drive space. But would I want one?

Reviews published on the internet are mixed at best. There’s no bluetooth, no email application, no camera, no external speaker. Why should I fork out my money for this one? For places such as Asia where the iPhone has not yet been announced it is an attractive option. But with the unlocking hacks popping all over the internet, will it really matter?

The limited battery life and storage capacity on the iPod Touch doesn’t make it a must have device. Especially when you can get one with phone capabilities for the same price. With the largest capacity at 16GB, it’s not exactly impressive by today’s standards. Now the question begs, should Apple have released the iPod Touch earlier than the iPhone?

Judging by how the the iPod touch was constructed it would seem that it was easier to make than the iPhone. I would have bought a “wide screen” iPod than a new phone. The last phone I bought was two years ago. The phone could’ve come later. But with Apple entering the crowded mobile phone market with the iPhone, is it all driven by revenues? Even if Apple only captures 1% of the market. It’s worth a lot more than the portable music market which they currently dominate.

Just today Apple and O2 announced their partnership in an event in London which slowly brings the iPhone out of North America and into Europe. When asked of the lack of 3G into the phone, Steve Jobs replied that current 3G chips are “power hogs” That would significantly affect the performance of the iPhone as a phone.

It seems that Apple is waiting for HSDPA to come into it’s own as it is faster than both EDGE and 3G and most networks are currently upgrading their services to support this system. I guess we’ll have to wait until Macworld in January for any new announcement.

So with all of this happening, should one still buy an iPod touch? In my opinion. Yes. If you want the touch screen and widescreen fancy iPod, then by all means run to the Apple store and cash in. Yes if you already have a phone that you’re happy with. Yes if you can’t wait. Yes because it seems that Apple is willing to wait for newer technology that would make their phones more efficient. And video output is possible on the iPod Touch but not the iPhone.

Now why shouldn’t you buy an iPod Touch.
1. The iPhone is better.
2. It’s like saying, “I can’t afford an iPhone so I got an iPod Touch”
3. The iPhone is now unlocked, no reason to deny yourself the phone.
4. It could be better. (Battery life, storage, among other things)

So until I get my hands on either one. I may hold out for this one. But I still want one. And now I can’t decide.