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Wii Fit Day 12

I’ve been working too much this week and missed two days on my Wii Fit. The balance board even told me so. So I’m trying to compensate by eating better.

But today I’m back on the board and did yoga and strength exercises plus one aerobic exercise which was the advanced dance steps.

It’s pretty fun especially when it runs faster and tells you to side step on the board. Excellent for developing motor skills.

Time spent on the Wii Fit 58 minutes.

RPG on the 360

Square-Enix announced in Japan yesterday, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new RPGs for the Xbox 360.

Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant and Tales of Vesperia will all be heading to the 360. It is widely known that the Xbox isn’t exactly performing as desired in Japan despite their “success” in North America. One of the reasons for this is the lack of “real” RPGs in Japan.

Mistwalker Studios, a company made up of former Square-Enix employees released Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the 360, but it failed to move console sales.

Will Square-Enix come to the rescue for the Xbox? I for one would actually buy all four to feed by RPG addiction. It may boost sales in Japan. But it’s no Final Fantasy.

Yes, PS3 owners are doomed to wait in 2009, or worse yet 2010. But it’s Final Fantasy. It’s not one, but two FF games at the same time. And there aren’t any other RPGs coming out in the horizon which makes the Xbox a lot more fortunate than the PS3.

If these RPGs somehow manage to move Xboxes out the door in Japan then it’s quite a feat and a great recovery for the Xbox in Japan. But if these games do not move in North America, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Square-Enix ports these games to the PS3 at a later date.