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Finally I’ve had some time with my PS3

Working sucks. Working really hard sucks even more especially if it takes me away from a AAA game that is Metal Gear Solid 4.

I’ve finally had some time with the game and met Drebin. Yes that’s how slow I’m going through game. It’s so bad that I haven’t been back on my Wii Fit. I need a new job schedule.

But back to MGS4 which I think is awesome. A friend of mine says it’s easier than MGS3, which I insanely played for 3 days straight. This is something that I cannot do with this time around. I think they could have made another game with the amount of content in this one but I’m satisfied. I’m still trying to get used to the controls and the actions. It’s been a while since I played a MGS game. I wasn’t even able to finish the one on the PSP.

This game does not disappoint. You will need some background before playing the game. To fully understand and experience the game, you should have spent spring playing through the 3 MGS games.

I just started playing so this is a very early review. But from what I’ve seen so far. It’s well worth the wait.

I’m back from Singapore

Whew what a week. Internet is great in Singapore. It’s everywhere! But sadly I was too busy to blog with my schedule and I was only able to twitter a few updates. But at least it’s all working now. I’m back and it’s going to be a really busy week. But as soon as I settle in as well as get back into my Wii Fit regimen you can expect regular updates from me.

Wii Fit Test 3

It’s Saturday and I must check my Wii Fit progress.

Well this week is kinda mixed. What I lost last week, sadly I gained it back. It doesn’t help that I missed 3 days on the Wii Fit plus I’ve been on a steak diet this week.

The good part though is I got my Wii Fit age even lower to…

Now that is a dramatic improvement from when I started. I won’t be on the Wii Fit next week since I’ll be on a business trip. I see myself doing a lot of walking though so I’ll test myself again next week. Until then!

These are the times I wished I was in the U.S.

Hideo Kojima HMV Metal Gear Solid 4 Signing Session (Engsub)

Metal Gear Solid 4 came out last Thursday and Hideo Kojima was in the U.S. to sign autographs in New York and then to the Metreon in San Francisco on the 14th.

I’ll be going on a business trip next week so my updates may either be short or none at all. Hopefully I’ll be so busy that I wouldn’t notice that I’m the only one with a PS3 not playing MGS4. I won’t get my hands on it until Saturday or Sunday next week at the earliest. Sigh. Why do I have to work to be able to afford all the games I play?

Wii Fit Day 13

Did 42 minutes on the balance board. Today’s regimen consists of the entire yoga workout and two aerobic exercises, the advanced dance and a short jog.

I did well enough in the dance to unlock the free step. Everything is now unlocked. Interesting to note that unlocked poses and exercises on your Mii does not mean it’s unlocked for everyone else’s profile. Your friends and family will have to earn it. Two more days till I do the test again.

Wii Fit Day 12

I’ve been working too much this week and missed two days on my Wii Fit. The balance board even told me so. So I’m trying to compensate by eating better.

But today I’m back on the board and did yoga and strength exercises plus one aerobic exercise which was the advanced dance steps.

It’s pretty fun especially when it runs faster and tells you to side step on the board. Excellent for developing motor skills.

Time spent on the Wii Fit 58 minutes.

RPG on the 360

Square-Enix announced in Japan yesterday, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new RPGs for the Xbox 360.

Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant and Tales of Vesperia will all be heading to the 360. It is widely known that the Xbox isn’t exactly performing as desired in Japan despite their “success” in North America. One of the reasons for this is the lack of “real” RPGs in Japan.

Mistwalker Studios, a company made up of former Square-Enix employees released Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the 360, but it failed to move console sales.

Will Square-Enix come to the rescue for the Xbox? I for one would actually buy all four to feed by RPG addiction. It may boost sales in Japan. But it’s no Final Fantasy.

Yes, PS3 owners are doomed to wait in 2009, or worse yet 2010. But it’s Final Fantasy. It’s not one, but two FF games at the same time. And there aren’t any other RPGs coming out in the horizon which makes the Xbox a lot more fortunate than the PS3.

If these RPGs somehow manage to move Xboxes out the door in Japan then it’s quite a feat and a great recovery for the Xbox in Japan. But if these games do not move in North America, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Square-Enix ports these games to the PS3 at a later date.