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What does this look to you?

Blizzard: Blizzard Splashwatch Day Five – Death Knights, Protoss, And Purple Penguins

Over in, it could either be a Protoss (Starcraft) or a Warcraft Death Knight. What could it be? Part of enigma included this even more enigmatic purple penguin.

Now I’m confused. Over the past week it had been speculated that it could be Diablo III. But hopes were quickly dashed as of today when the image now looks more dark knighty protossy instead of the big red diablo. So what is going on?

Could this just only be the hype of the final announcement when Starcraft II will hit store shelves? Another Warcraft game either as an expansion to the MMO or Warcraft IV? I think it will reveal a Starcraft MMO other than the Starcraft RTS coming out later this year.

Either way we’ll know what this all means pretty soon. Anyone going to Blizzcon 2008?

Apparently Naomi Hunter is too hot for my PS3

After seeing Naomi Hunter appear in the game for the first time and was watching the briefing of Act 2, my PS3 decides to die on me at this particular moment. The PS3 stopped reading the disc. I restarted the PS3 but other games that I pop in are not detected. Oh the agony. It just stopped on me. So what else would a gaming addict do? Go to the store and buy another one.

I did it without thinking. I know I can call Sony and have my console “repaired”. But it still sucks for me. I’ll be spending my evening trying to transfer everything over to the new PS3.

I love my 60GB PS3. It allows me to play PS2 games on it (which I still have a lot). The hard drive size is just right. It still is the best PS3 console around. I’ll still have to repaired. But in the meantime, I’ll have to be content with this 40GB one.