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Seen last weekend

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I went to the mall this weekend and while waiting at the ATM near the cinemas this was next to it.
At first glance it looks like the same bench at Pixar Studios, but this one’s made out cardboard. It looks like they just got it up this weekend.

Anyhoo I’m making sure that I’ll be watching this movie when it comes out.

Just a note, this is the first Pixar full length film where a voice actor was not hired for the lead. This should be very facinating.

The Kindle is in stock Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device: Kindle Store

Amazon’s “revolutionary” e-book reader is finally in stock in Amazon’s store but will the masses catch on? It’s not the first time that someone has tried to make a leap from the printed word to the digital print. Sony has their own reader which has been around for a while now. But Barnes and Noble and Borders are still around so I guess people still like carrying around books.

Could it be the price? At $400 plus the cost of the books, it seems pretty steep for the average book reader. But for the techie and frequent traveler then this may be the product for them.

Could it be the network limitation? The Kindle connects to’s page via EVDO, basically the current cellular phone network and browse wikipedia and blogs as well as buy and download the books that you want off the store and trasmitted directly into your Kindle. So it’s currently in North America only.

I don’t personally know anyone who owns one nor have I seen one in the wild.

I do think that this product is quite advanced and book readers will take a little getting used to idea that what used to be a 300 page bestselling novel in their hands is now just 10 oz. Would $400 justify people dropping their $5.99 books away for my carry-on luggage to be a little lighter?

Maybe when the service is more widely available outside the U.S. and the price drops to the magic $100. I’d probably get it. But for $400, I could get myself a PS3.