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Nothing to see here, move along

PlayStation.Blog » PS3 Firmware update (v2.43)

Unless you’re in Japan you don’t need the 2.43 PS3 firmware update. According to the Playstation Blog, “It will not cause any issues with your system or add any new functionality.”

I think I should leave my PS3 at 2.41 as it is.

Have you unlocked any PS3 trophies yet?

Sony released the update to include trophy support on the PS3 in July. The award system which is very much similar to the achievements on the Xbox requires a patch from the game developer to support trophies in their game. Uncharted was one of the few games that have a trophy system in the game but it has yet to be unlocked.

Not all new games being released will have this function, and for those who were thinking of just downloading the save game and loading it up as if it was your own save doesn’t work.

So this begs the question, does anyone care about Sony’s trophies?

Fallout 3: No PS3 Trophies For Fallout 3 – PS3 Trophies – How They Will Work

Playstation 3: The Eye Of Judgment Eyes New Expansion, Sees Trophies In Its Future

Not all is lost in Japan…yet

Rumor: Kingdom Hearts A PS3 Exclusive, Will Be Seen At TGS

The Tokyo Game Show is the next big gaming event on the calendar (WoW fans will argue that Bizzcon is the next gaming event) and it seems that Sqaure-Enix is busy trying to comfort die hard Sony fans that all is not lost with their favorite franchise.

Sure we’ve heard of Kingdom Hearts for the DS and the PSP. But get this on the PS3!! Not only that. It’s playable.

The unlikely marriage of Disney and Square in 2002 has proven to be one of the most lucrative team ups in gaming. I don’t see anything bad out of this but only good things. Another game to tide us over until Final Fantasy 13 is released.

Final Fantasy XIII Agito: Final Fantasy XIII For PSP Is Way, *Way* Off

Downside, FF13 Agito for the PSP will not be coming out until it’s console cousins FF13 and FF Versus 13 come out. They may change their minds. But I haven’t seen that happen. Well with the exception of FF13 going to the 360. It’s such a long way off. By that time a new PSP version might be out already and I would be playing my PS2 games on it and still FF13 isn’t out yet.


What should’ve been there in the first place

PSP Online Access: Shit Just Got Real

When Sony launched the Playstation Network store on the PS3, the PSP store was also launched but only for the PC. Yes, mac users were left out in the cold. It seems that times have changed and they will now be bringing that very same store to the handheld. I wonder where they got that idea?

Before, you had to buy the game on your PC or on the PS3 then hook up your PSP via USB and transfer it to the memory stick. Soon you’ll be able to shop directly on the PSP and download it there. Be prepared with your power cord since some downloads may take a while, of course that’s just from my experience.

There are more functionalities announced such as ad hoc gaming and such with the PS3. All I can say is that it’s about time.

Home early!

Today was a pretty good day. I’m home early! Apparently the typhoon over Hong Kong is cancelling a number of flights into China. Not that it has anything to do with me.

My hectic schedule has driven me away from my Wii Fit again. I forsee this happening for another two weeks for the duration of the Olympics.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying to read all of my RSS feeds and flagging those I want to blog about.

Gizmodo posts that Electric City Akihabara is now on Google Street Maps. Kakoii!

PS3 fans still have something to be happy about. FF Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive – Kotaku

I’ll see if I can post more stuffs tomorrow.

E3 is now over and how did we do?

I think I did pretty well in predicting some E3 announcements.

Things I got right

  • Animal Crossing for the Wii
  • Newer Xbox 360 (actually HD upgrade to 60GB)
  • Newer PS3 (now with dual shock 3 and 80 GB)
  • Star Wars Game for the iPhone (does it count as a major game?)
  • Pikmin for the Wii
  • Rock Band instruments are now cross compatible with future Guitar Hero games
  • Almost got it right with Bungie (if not for its “publisher”)

It’s not bad. I missed out on all the new Wii peripherals and no really redesign or controllers with any of the consoles.
The biggest surprise was certainly the Square-Enix jump to the 360. But Sony is apparently saving something for the Tokyo Game Show which happens this fall.

E3 Predictions

E3 is just next week. And everyone is trying to predict what the gaming universe will unveil. Some are expected but we are looking for the unexpected.

Here are just some of mine.

Animal Crossing for the Wii
A new version of the Xbox 360 console
A new version of the PS3
Xbox handheld to compete with the DS and PSP
An even smaller Nintendo DS
New controllers for the Xbox and the PS3
Major game for the iPhone

Some things I wish they would announce at E3
PS1 downloadable games for the PSP
Pikmin for the Wii
New HD Wii console
PS2 downloadable games for the PS3
Bungie is no longer Xbox exclusive
Rock Band instruments would finally work with all Guitar Hero games (at least the PS3 and 360 ones)
God of War 3 for the PS3
Shadow of the Colossus 2 for the PS3

I’ll probably write about more things before Monday.

Will you buy a PS3 this year?

Sony cuts PlayStation 3 production cost in half – Engadget

Now I almost feel bad that I bought one last year for $499. Hmmm. Not! I will not predict a price drop anytime soon. It just puts the PS3 within finally making money. Boosted by it’s major coup against HD-DVD last week this could spur more blu-ray sales this year. With the release of AAA games (finally) such as MGS4 and Little Big Planet, things look a lot better for the gaming giant after trailing both the Wii and Xbox in the past year. Add the fact that the 20 and 60 GB versions in Japan will be discontinued as well.

So long ATRAC, thanks for nothing

In case you missed it, Sony’s CONNECT music services based on the ATRAC audio format is finally — at long last — coming to an end. In North America and Europe, anyway.Unfortunately for the electronics giant, it’s a little too late for them to do so. The damage has already been done and the iPod rules the portable music device market and Sony isn’t even anywhere near it. I was willing to get on the mini disc bandwagon when cassette was about to die and CDs were still expensive to burn. But Sony did not develop ATRAC for the mac and I just waited for the iPod to come out and hence all my music is on Apple’s device. With Sony releasing new devices that now support the more common format, MP3, we’ll see if they can still change their fortunes around for the very back of the competition.

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Sony finally is killing the UMD

And the UMD ladies and gentelmen is history…

Having owned a PSP for almost a year now, I was pretty much satisfied with the releases Sony had on the UMD format. I actually started having more movies on UMD than games since the games of the PSP are downright not good. But consumers wanted to do something more with the UMD and Sony did not deliver. Maybe if they created a video camera the recorded on the UMD disc, or albums available on UMD much like the mini disc format. There’s also the option of having made home brew movies or music since the recording capacity of their current line of memory stick is just too low for the sizes of today’s media. Or create a separate UMD movie player for the home so the discs would have some other purpose than just tagging along with the PSP.

What happened is that Sony put too many limitations on their format and it died. The movies on UMD are considerably more expensive than their DVD counterparts and you could watch that on your 37 inch LCD HDTV. But not that $25 UMD movie on such a tiny screen on your PSP that you could not output the video to an external monitor. It’s understandable and forseeable that consumers didn’t want to spend that much on something they could get at probably a cheaper price and do a lot more with it.

Add to the fact that the UMD is a fragile medium. If they constructed the discs like the way they did with the XDCAM blu-ray discs and the mini-discs then fingerprints, dust and so on wouldn’t get on the disc. It’s just a sad slow death for the UMD. What happens now to the PSP?

If PSP games are the only ones that will be on the UMD format they’d better start releasing some quality games. Nintendo has a huge edge in the handheld market easily outselling the PSP both in Japan and in the United States. This is a clear sign to Sony. They’d better do something more about their PSP if they want to take the battle to Nintendo. And maybe save the UMD.

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