Sony finally is killing the UMD

And the UMD ladies and gentelmen is history…

Having owned a PSP for almost a year now, I was pretty much satisfied with the releases Sony had on the UMD format. I actually started having more movies on UMD than games since the games of the PSP are downright not good. But consumers wanted to do something more with the UMD and Sony did not deliver. Maybe if they created a video camera the recorded on the UMD disc, or albums available on UMD much like the mini disc format. There’s also the option of having made home brew movies or music since the recording capacity of their current line of memory stick is just too low for the sizes of today’s media. Or create a separate UMD movie player for the home so the discs would have some other purpose than just tagging along with the PSP.

What happened is that Sony put too many limitations on their format and it died. The movies on UMD are considerably more expensive than their DVD counterparts and you could watch that on your 37 inch LCD HDTV. But not that $25 UMD movie on such a tiny screen on your PSP that you could not output the video to an external monitor. It’s understandable and forseeable that consumers didn’t want to spend that much on something they could get at probably a cheaper price and do a lot more with it.

Add to the fact that the UMD is a fragile medium. If they constructed the discs like the way they did with the XDCAM blu-ray discs and the mini-discs then fingerprints, dust and so on wouldn’t get on the disc. It’s just a sad slow death for the UMD. What happens now to the PSP?

If PSP games are the only ones that will be on the UMD format they’d better start releasing some quality games. Nintendo has a huge edge in the handheld market easily outselling the PSP both in Japan and in the United States. This is a clear sign to Sony. They’d better do something more about their PSP if they want to take the battle to Nintendo. And maybe save the UMD.

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