How long should you wait?

It hits me around June and July. I consider these months to be my depression months when I think too much about everything. And since I’ve decided to separate my personal thoughts and my opinion on technology and games to my 1up page this place is now devoted to all my rants about everything not related to tech and games and anime and probably movies as well. As for my dot mac site, I still haven’t thought of what to do with that.

Anyway let’s get straight to the point.

How long should you keep people on your friends list? I mean, do you really keep in touch with these people on your friends list? Let’s say you do and they don’t reciprocate? What then? What then do you do?

I usually just let the number rot on my phone until the day that my phone tells me that my directory is full and if I want to delete the number that’s the number I press the erase button on.

But then there are times that number actually calls back.

Lately I’ve been sooo lazy in my directory that when the office calls I just answer the thing to save me the effort of deleting the number eventually.

To keep or not to keep?

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