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PCOMP Final final project

After numerous revisions it’s finally finished.

physical computing

More or less. Working with small parts is very difficult especially with 30 gauge wire which is barely a thread and breaks easily which is one of the main problems I encountered with this project.

physical computing

The code is working great. But I may have crossed some wires that make the white array and yellow array stay on all the time. But the effect is there. I’m at a point where I don’t want to touch it anymore for fear that it may not work by noon today. I am honestly not satisfied with my work but the important part is I learned a lot with this project in terms of building and fabrication which I really need to work on.

Right now it’s all packed up in a box for transportation to the ITP floor. Thank you for a wonderful experience in Physical Computing.

physical computing

Information display – ICM Finals

A far cry from what I made for the midterms, I think this would be better on another surface other than my computer screen.

So I’ve been able to parse the weather API of Yahoo and the AP headline feeds for news. Using two XML parsing codes is a bit challenging. There’s something in the flickr API that isn’t jist working for me so each image is manually assigned to each weather condition set by Yahoo.


This was the original weather midterm project with no data and just computer drawn images.

This is the raw AP headline feed experiment that I merged with my earlier code.

I think that this information lives outside of our mobile phones and screen but instead it should be around us. I had a last minute inspiration on the subway ride home that I wish this was projected on the window of the train so I know what’s going on above ground.

I wanted to project this on a surface with a kinect camera looking at it at the same time where it would give the false impression of gesture control. But doing certain gestures on the projected surface, it would either refresh the news data or change the weather location.

I think I’ll work on this some more during the break. Code to be posted soon.