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Information display – ICM Finals

A far cry from what I made for the midterms, I think this would be better on another surface other than my computer screen.

So I’ve been able to parse the weather API of Yahoo and the AP headline feeds for news. Using two XML parsing codes is a bit challenging. There’s something in the flickr API that isn’t jist working for me so each image is manually assigned to each weather condition set by Yahoo.


This was the original weather midterm project with no data and just computer drawn images.

This is the raw AP headline feed experiment that I merged with my earlier code.

I think that this information lives outside of our mobile phones and screen but instead it should be around us. I had a last minute inspiration on the subway ride home that I wish this was projected on the window of the train so I know what’s going on above ground.

I wanted to project this on a surface with a kinect camera looking at it at the same time where it would give the false impression of gesture control. But doing certain gestures on the projected surface, it would either refresh the news data or change the weather location.

I think I’ll work on this some more during the break. Code to be posted soon.

ICM Finals

I’ve decided to expand my midterm project for ICM by using real data this time.

Thanks to NYU Professor Dan Shiffman’s Yahoo Weather API code I had somewhere to begin with. Going through the Yahoo API wasn’t that hard and neither was parsing the data from the XML feed. I did however wanted to find locations outside the US since the original code is based on using ZIP for location. A newer version of the Yahoo Weather API uses their own WOEID which includes places outside the US but the syntax is not as easy as just entering the zip code.

I didn’t want to figure out how to map the entire WOEID database for this project so I selected a few cities for me.

I wanted to work with the flickr API as well into integrating photos appropriate to the weather condition but it wasn’t being cooperative. I ended up tagging the weather pattern data to images manually. None of the images are locally stored. This causes a bit of a slowdown but makes the file smaller.

Figures are in Farenheit.

Stuff I still like to add, conform the images to the location and weather pattern. Add a clothing suggestion. Ability to change location without having to enter the code manually for every city you want to check. Add  video for some reason or another.

ICM Seasonal Calendar

For my ICM midterms, I thought of things to make that would look cool but at the same time, represent me or at least the artistic side of me if there ever is one. I decided to make a season clock.

I come from a country where the only sesons we have is hot and rain. Not much to choose from there so it always facinated me when I travelled when we encountered different seasons. It was only when I was working when I encountered fall and winter which always seemed the most interesting in photographs.

Last year, my father and I went to Yosemite National Park, it was my first trip to the park and of course we brought along a 4×5 camera much like Ansel Adams did.

We went there almost one year exactly to date and I took inspiration from these pictures that I shot while I was there.

and this

The whole park was practically yellow and yellow leaves were falling all around us the entire time. It was beautiful. I decided to make seasonal clock after this.

Depending on the month on your computer, the season changes. For the fall, I made an approximation of yellow leaves falling. Winter is represented by snow and spring is shown in the form of cherry blossoms taken in reference from this photo.

nagasaki  055

Taken at ground zero in Nagasaki.

There is a lot of potential to add to the sketch by adding Christimas lights between Thanksgiving and January, Halloween decorations for October and so on. You can see the seasons change by changing the internal clock of your computer. Note: seasons are based on the Northern Hemesphere.

Seasonal calendar

Future versions planned:

  • Holiday decorations for holidays like Christmas, independence day and so on
  • Near real time weather based on loocation
  • Photographs from my flickr collection
  • Webcam?

More interactivity with ramen
Press “e” for eggs.
“o” for onions.
Click on the mouse over the bowl to add noodles.

Will add more stuff.