What can a little flower do?


From the same studio that brought “flow” into the PS3, this time they are about to bring “flower” as well. If flow brought you under the sea, flower will bring you the wind as you use the sixaxis to navigate from flower to flower collecting petals along the way. If you’re good enough, maybe a little music.

It is sad that very few games on the PS3 take advantage of the sixaxis let alone the motion controls. Sure it’s no Wiimote but “flow” very much captured the principle of it. Heavenly Sword tried to but I can say that “flower” is a great game to use it on. I don’t think you can play it anywhere else.

Very much like “flow”, it’s a relaxing game. No enemies, nothing to shoot, you don’t die. It’s something to take the stress off everyday gaming or even from the world. It’s a casual game that has the ability to bring in hardcore gamers as well.

It’s on my list of highly anticipated games for 2009 and a definite must buy for any owner of the console. I’ll post a more detailed review when it comes out sometime in 2009. Hopefully.

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