How many Xboxes have you gone through?

Rumor: “Jasper” 360 Consoles Hit The Market

In the 3 years that the Xbox 360 has been around I have officially gone through four consoles, three of them defective. A friend of mine in the office has gone through two and soon to be three.

The first one fell through the 3RL and E61 error, the 2nd one had those disk read errors, the third one had that perpetually “open tray” problem and now I’m on my fourth.

And now, rumors of a “safe” xbox are coming out. I’ve heard that before. Like when I got the 3rd one. “This one is safe now.” I’ll never trust these claims again.

This is just really sad, like really really sad. I’ve had my 1st generation PS2 since 2001 and it’s still running fine.

Was Microsoft so desperate to topple Sony in the console wars that they released a console which was made from a lot of faulty parts? Unfortunately, it was Sony who shot themselves in foot and Nintendo is just kicking everyone’s asses. Sure the Xbox did good on this generation but at what cost?

I feel betrayed. Like when you buy something that you know is supposed to be well made and built and spent a good amount of money on it and in the end it turns out to be a lemon. It’s much harder to get trust back.

    • Anonymous
    • March 1st, 2009

    Sadly, the problem with these pieces of garbage goes well beyond the cheap parts they used to make them. MULTIPLE mistakes and shortcuts have been found in the manufacture of the 360. Great example, not as well-known as it should be, is that on the metal case that houses the motherboard, there are two stand-offs that help hold things together. These stand-offs are actually .75mm HIGHER than the rest of the mounting surface for the motherboard! Can you imagine what happens to electronics when they’re bolted into a metal case with several fasteners at one height and then forced to raise in the middle? Yep. Fine hardware engineering by Microsoft. Because we all know how well they’ve done with quality in the software sector over the years. Cough cough, *Microsoft Bob*, cough cough, *Windows ME*, cough cough, *Windows Vista*….I could go on forever.

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