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More impressions on the PS Home Beta

I was finally able to finish downloading the other areas and walk around a bit. There’s quite a number of other areas to explore such as the mall, bowling alley, movie theater and of course the central area.

What I couldn’t figure out was that if Sony intended these to be default areas, then why not have included it in the original download in the first place. The areas can only be downloaded within Home and not through PSN. You can download the areas in background and still chat and walk around the area and interact with your surroundings but not much else. You can only dance so much alone in your house while waiting for the download to finish.

I’m hoping that these could be downloaded in the background and you can quit Home and go play something else instead of just leaving it on, sucking up power (yes, the PS3 is technically the most power hungry console among the 3) play another game and then log back in once PSN tells you that the download has been completed.

These aren’t the bugs yet, just the inconveniences. All the participants lack definition from afar. Meaning you won’t know who it is until you get pretty close. It’s very hard to notice if someone is trying to get your attention. Not to mention that everyone is wearing jeans and a t shirt doesn’t help telling people apart. It’s most probably my internet connection. But not everyone in the world has fiber running to their house at break neck speeds. Home needs a lot more background downloading. At this point it’s going to be another Second Life.

It’s still very early but it holds a lot of promise. If this were to become the new interface for the Playstation, Sony is on to something and could be one step closer to creating a totally a very unique gaming experience.

I would like the opportunity to launch games directly from Home.
I would like to invite my friends on Home to play online with me in games such as Little Big Planet.
I want my friends to visit my pad and see my stuff.
I want all my gaming trophies on display for my friends to be jealous of.
I want be able to buy stuff from the PSN store from Home and use in home.

The possibilities are endless. Sony is really on to something here. It may be have been a slow start for Sony in this generation but it’s definitely not out yet.

I’ll post the bugs when I see them and play a little longer.