I know where my bells are going on November 16

Yes Nintendo fans It has been dated and is coming to the Wii on November 16. Animal Crossing is coming to town!

The graphics still look the same and the same things from the Gamecube are still there such as flowers, fish, fruits and of course furnishings.

This incarnation of the game actually looks more like the DS version where the curvature of the world is prominent. Brewster, the local barista is also on the Wii and all the shops now are in the city.

This game will feature the Wii-speak add on. It’s basically a microphone where you can chat with other players online. I just hope that the game supports USB keyboards of some sort so writing all those letters to all my “neighbors” wont be such a pain.

Like previous Animal Crossing games, your character design is probably based on responses given to Rover on the bus. Your Mii can be added to your character as a makeover at the beauty parlor. But that still has to be confirmed.

All in all this is a strong holiday title for the Wii.

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