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Things that probably got overlooked at E3

Cooking Navi (DS)

This game was released in Japan 2 years ago and I’ve been wishing forever that it would be translated to English. And it has! It’s not really a game but a cooking guide where a chef will teach you how to prepare and cook various dishes. It even comes with a timer. I’m definitely getting this.

Where on E3 is Bandai Namco?

Last year, Bandai Namco released Ace Combat 6 and Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox 360 exclusively.

This year apparently, they only released a Tales of Vesperia demo on Xbox Live Marketplace and that Eternal Sonata will be making its way to the PS3 later this year.

After just releasing Soul Calibur IV, what’s next?

Microsoft has no answer yet to the handhelds of Nintendo and Sony

With device and game sales outselling that of consoles shouldn’t the handheld market be something of interest for Microsoft?

There must be something there M$. There’s always next years E3.

Well the week is not over yet so there maybe more to say this weekend.

Hell has frozen over

Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII Coming To Xbox 360

I’m sorry PS3 fans. It has happened. FFXIII is coming to the 360. The unthinkable has happened. Although it was not the only driver for me in buying the PS3 in the first place but it seems that the game has regionalized the gaming world with Japan with the PS3 and US and Europe for both the PS3 and 360.

Probably due to high production costs and low user base of the PS3, this prompted Square-Enix in sealing a deal with Microsoft. Surprisingly, in an interview with, FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase says that development for the Xbox 360 version hasn’t actually begun. This means that this deal was made very recently. Hmmm.

But still, a lot of Square-Enix development is currently on the 360 with eventual release on the PS3. Are the days of exclusive games coming to an end?

It will be interesting to see how the 360 version will pan out with the game originally made with blu-ray in mind. Imagine cramming over 50GB of data on a number of DVDs on the 360.

Does this strike a nail in the coffin for the PS3? That remains to be seen. But personally, I’ll be getting this game on the PS3 because I prefer the controller and interface that Sony brings.

I know where my bells are going on November 16

Yes Nintendo fans It has been dated and is coming to the Wii on November 16. Animal Crossing is coming to town!

The graphics still look the same and the same things from the Gamecube are still there such as flowers, fish, fruits and of course furnishings.

This incarnation of the game actually looks more like the DS version where the curvature of the world is prominent. Brewster, the local barista is also on the Wii and all the shops now are in the city.

This game will feature the Wii-speak add on. It’s basically a microphone where you can chat with other players online. I just hope that the game supports USB keyboards of some sort so writing all those letters to all my “neighbors” wont be such a pain.

Like previous Animal Crossing games, your character design is probably based on responses given to Rover on the bus. Your Mii can be added to your character as a makeover at the beauty parlor. But that still has to be confirmed.

All in all this is a strong holiday title for the Wii.