Wii Fit Test 2

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I’ve been on the Wii Fit for a week now and it’s time take the test.

According to the test I now weigh a little less than I did the last time. Even if it’s ever so slightly. Hmmm. But since I gave myself six months to get to my ideal weight the system says it’s ok.

My fitness age

I did however make a significant improvement with my fitness age. The first time I did the test, I was 41 years old. Now it has dropped me to 33. Now that’s a little closer to my age so it’s quite an improvement.

Activities for the week

This is how much time I spent on each of the activities on the board. It’s hard training during the week since I train in the evening and not in the morning. So the week was focused on yoga and strength training. This week I’ll mix it up a bit. I’m going to dedicate my weekends on pure aerobics to allow myself to burn calories since I don’t have the luxury to do so during the weekday. I’ll keep the yoga and strength training to four times a week and then add one more aerobic workout day somewhere there. Maybe Tuesday, but then I would have to do all my training in the morning. Oh well, the sacrifices we have to make to be fit.

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