Is Ixion the next summoning avatar?

Ixion is Come!

That’s not a typo on my part. That is how it is exactly written on the Final Fantasy XI Official Web Site. But my question remains, is Ixion one of the new avatars for summoners.

Just for a short refresher, the summoner job first made it’s appearance in the Rise of the Zilart expansion. Technically this was the first expansion for the series but it was already included in the North American release of the game. The summoner is a classic job seen in the Final Fantasy series. Often changing their “summons” in almost every incarnation of the game but it still remains the same. Aeon, avatar, summons, guardian force, it all basically allows the character to call upon another power to fight for it. Each summon is usually linked to a magical element. The summoner job is a mage job (duh!).

The last avatar update was Diabolos in the Chains of Promathia expansion, the second expansion set in the series. Since then, two expansions have been released with no other avatar added to the summoner ability. Announced in the Final Fantasy Fan Festival last November, it was revealed by the developers that they were working on adding additional “avatars” to the jobs.

Ixion on the other hand I first encountered in Final Fantasy X. It was attributed to the lightning element. With Ramuh already in the series, what element will Ixion be in FFXI?

Just recently, character has reached level 75. The current maximum level for any player in the world of Vana’diel. And any new avatar would be welcome to the job. I hate getting invites to heal. Jeez go get a white mage. I would like this job to be more of a support damage dealer and hopefully this update will give it the respect that it deserves.

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