Wii Fit Day 2

I unlocked a few more exercises in the game. The tasks seem feel easier now. Although I am having difficulty standing on one foot. Limited my workout to 30 minutes game coins time. I’m resisting the urge to weigh myself again since it’s too early to tell if there’s been any improvement.

So far I’ve spent 1:30 on the game so I’ve unlocked:

  • Sun salutation
  • Rowing squat
  • Tightrope tension
  • Super Hula Hoop
  • Standing Knee
  • Balance Bubble
  • Sideways leg lift
  • Palm tree

That does not include the increased number of reps I can do for the other exercises.

I’m worried since I’ve got a business trip in a few weeks and I’ll be away from my Wii for a month I won’t be able to to do the exercises. I’ll try to stay in shape for that one since it involves a lot of walking and more walking. But I’ll still do the test at the end of the week to check if there’s any progress.

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