That lady at the mall gave me a bad idea

4th Edition Core Rulebook Gift Set

I went to a nearby hobby shop with a friend who was buying card sleeves for his Eye of Judgement cards when I couldn’t resist asking the question.

“Is the 4th edition out yet?”

Thankfully she replied that it was still on pre-order. But then added that they had a special package to those who would pre-order.

The agony! I had given up traditional RPGs since I got my PSone and now this! I started my nerdy/ geek run on this franchise every since I heard about it in grade school. My dad got me the basic set for my 10th birthday and I learned how to read novels through the series. I even loved the other incarnations by TSR such as Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Al-Qadim and of course, Dragonlance.

But the sad part is, no one who I used to play this with is around anymore. They all moved on or just like me went into other hobbies such as videogames or even MMORPGs.

But I wonder, is there a way to play this over the net? There must be a way. With all the current technology of Skype, iChat, AIM, Facebook and such, there must be a kind group out there who might want to start from scratch?

And that is why that lady at the mall gave me a bad idea. Which may be the reason why, this week, I’ll be going back there and pre-ordering the 4th edition.

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