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Beautiful World

I was just looking around the Japanese iTunes store and came upon Utada Hikaru’s new compilation. As it turns out, my favorite J-pop singer sang the song of the new Evangelion movie. Here’s clip of the promo for the album.

The next one is from another anime “Freedom” with character designs from Katsuhiro Otomo of “Akira”.

Hurray for Hikki!!

So long ATRAC, thanks for nothing

In case you missed it, Sony’s CONNECT music services based on the ATRAC audio format is finally — at long last — coming to an end. In North America and Europe, anyway.Unfortunately for the electronics giant, it’s a little too late for them to do so. The damage has already been done and the iPod rules the portable music device market and Sony isn’t even anywhere near it. I was willing to get on the mini disc bandwagon when cassette was about to die and CDs were still expensive to burn. But Sony did not develop ATRAC for the mac and I just waited for the iPod to come out and hence all my music is on Apple’s device. With Sony releasing new devices that now support the more common format, MP3, we’ll see if they can still change their fortunes around for the very back of the competition.

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Here’s her take

I think that it’s only fair that we link up to Ms. South Carolina’s response to the massive viewing of her flub on the pageant. Video below.

What’s your take?