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My new favorite sites

Weekend blogging brings a certain type of peace and relaxation for me. Now why does that sound soo weird. Two things mentioned recently in one of the podcasts I listen to which happens to be Leo Laporte’ In a recent show they mention the human search engine Mahalo and Morgan Webb’s Webb Alert (yes she was with TechTV and is now with G4). Both of which are amazing.

Let’s begin with Mahalo. The word meaning welcome in Hawaii uses people instead of algorithims in searching the web. It’s kinda like wikipedia meets digg but without the myspace attitude. One of my favorites has to be How to learn Japanese with Akira Kurosawa.

Next is Morgan Webb’s first podcast which is aptly named Webb Alert. It provides insights into tech’s daily news with a dose of Morgan on the side. It’s pretty good and I well made. The commentary is just right. If you don’t want to listen to Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose’s drunk stupor (sometimes) whine in Diggnation then Webb Alert is for you. It’s very new compared to digg and twit and she only posts from Monday to Thursday. Here’s hoping that she covers the whole week.

Here’s the latest episode.

I’ll look around for more interesting posts on the web. But for now, I ❤ these sites.

DSL Rant

In the wake of my DSL rant I totally lost my telephone line and internet line in mere hours after I ranted about it. The following day I had a new cable internet line connected. It’s just seriously lame. My phone finally got fixed this afternoon but my DSL is still down. Still lame in my opinion. In the past 20 days I’ve only been online for two. I absolutely refuse to pay this month’s bill or at least half of it. They can’t even get my phone working right.

What do I have to do to get decent connectivity in this country. Right now I’m blogging on my HSDPA connection at a coffeeshop while waiting for my parents’ plane to arrive.

You’d think that you’ll get better service from a company that’s been around for almost 75 years woud know customer service.

Apparently not.