ICM Finals

I’ve decided to expand my midterm project for ICM by using real data this time.

Thanks to NYU Professor Dan Shiffman’s Yahoo Weather API code I had somewhere to begin with. Going through the Yahoo API wasn’t that hard and neither was parsing the data from the XML feed. I did however wanted to find locations outside the US since the original code is based on using ZIP for location. A newer version of the Yahoo Weather API uses their own WOEID which includes places outside the US but the syntax is not as easy as just entering the zip code.

I didn’t want to figure out how to map the entire WOEID database for this project so I selected a few cities for me.

I wanted to work with the flickr API as well into integrating photos appropriate to the weather condition but it wasn’t being cooperative. I ended up tagging the weather pattern data to images manually. None of the images are locally stored. This causes a bit of a slowdown but makes the file smaller.

Figures are in Farenheit.

Stuff I still like to add, conform the images to the location and weather pattern. Add a clothing suggestion. Ability to change location without having to enter the code manually for every city you want to check. Add  video for some reason or another.

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