Dragon Age 2 trailer is out!

Dragon Age 2 Destiny Trailer

EA/ Bioware has released the trailer for their next game, Dragon Age 2 and more details here. Based on the details they have released, it will seem like that we will be playing Mass Effect 2 with swords and magic.

The story is set in Free Marches which lies just north of Ferelden. You will play the character Hawke, you will determine if Hawke will be male or female. You can import your previous save from Dragon Age: Origins which will carry over the decisions you made. It will also determine which characters from your first game you’ll meet. Like in the previous game, You’ll get to romance people on your way to becoming a legend in Kirkwall and will choose missions and quests as you move along.

Though it is not necessary to play the first game (much like Mass Effect 2) but I personally like a resemblance of continuity with my character from Dragon Age: Origins since I did customize her as such. Not being able to play it with her is just sad. Maybe they’ll pull an Atlus Persona 3 PSP that will allow you to play it as a different character.

But you will get a fully voiced character which is great! No more unusual silences when it’s your turn to respond. You’ll actually get to hear what Hawke actually feels. Much like Commander Shepard.

I’m sure this game will be quite an experience but I do fear that Bioware may be getting into a weird situation of fame. Final Fantasy was great and all and we ate it up. We bought their games all up to 14th incarnation of the game. But then sometime around the 10th it seemed to wane on us. How long before the same thing happens to Bioware games? Sure the graphics will improve with every generation but it seems like since they’ve stumbled on a formula that works, they seem to be bent on using it for the next couple of games.

Dear Bioware, I do hope this does not happen. I would like you to continue to innovate and bring great RPGs to our gaming systems for years to come.

Dragon Age 2 will be released in North America for the Xbox, PS3 and PC on March 8, 2011 and Europe on March 11.

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