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Beware of the Witch

BioWare | Dragon Age: Origins | Witch Hunt

In what hints to be the last DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, it will attempt to tie up one loose end. Morrigan.

Yes the witch that may have broken your heart and just left without a trace will return. One year after your victory against the darkspawn word reaches you that Morrigan has returned to Ferelden. Or has she?

This has to be the DLC that everyone has been waiting for. This is making me chant “please don’t suck, please don’t suck”. Mainly because this DLC ties directly into Dragon Age and not just a chapter in Dragon Age. It ranks up there with the upcoming DLC for Mass Effect 2 “In the Lair of the Shadow Broker” which ties directly into the storyline of Mass Effect 2 which chronicles on how Cerberus was able to get Shepard’s body.

This is very different. This may even actually tie in events that will happen in Dragon 2! Could it happen? Of course it could!! This is a videogame!

Claudia Black (Farscape) reprises her role as Morrigan. Though it’s not clear of any of your original party will return. One new character will be a Dalish elf named Ariane.

The sad part about this particular DLC that it could be the last until Dragon Age 2 comes out in March. That’s a long time to wait for a game especially when they have been releasing DLCs quite frequent of late. But then it gives us more to look forward to.

“Witch Hunt” will cost $6.99 on PSN, 560 MS Points or 560 Bioware points and will be available on September 7.