Seen in Macau: Granite sidewalks

The old sidewalks of Macau are covered in these black and white
granite tiles. It’s quite fascinating to look at but what heppens when
it rains? Doesn’t it get all slippery and you fall down? Especially on
the downward slope of the hills?

  1. Granite has developed from a largely structural material to a stone that has numerous applications, this could be used in your kitchens as Kitchen Worktops to make the interiors more beautiful.

      • mdelamerced
      • November 18th, 2009

      I’ve also noticed that granite has also replaced marble as the chosen material for flooring and counter tops. Great info!

  2. 1st – the floor from the photo is not made of granite but by limestone
    2nd – I never felt any danger walking on that sidewalks
    3rd – They are amazing and much more beautiful than any other.

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