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Domina Shantotto’s annoying quests

Now that the fall update for FFXI has arrived players in Vana’diel can now play the third add on scenario which deals with everyone’s lovable (sarcasm) black mage, Shantotto.


FINAL FANTASY XI “A Shantotto Ascension” — New Trailer

Shantotto is up to no good as she makes a mistake that sucks her into a portal. While leaving Windurst to Sarutabaruta, my moogle goes after me with a letter from Shantotto saying that I am now a member of her group and that I must head on to Quifim Island with a number of items in hand.

Final Fantasy XI: A Shantotto Ascension TGS 09: Debut Trailer

Now this is where this add-on gets really annoying. You’ll have to farm/ buy items found in the Maze of Shakrami, Gusgen Mines and Ordelle’s Caves. Synth these items together with other ingredients and bring them to Qufim Island. The sick part is farming them.

Picture this, everyone who purchased the add on is farming bats, crawlers and skeletons in these areas. It’s not a 100% drop. It’s rare/ex. The item can be bazaared as well as the synthed item. But you can’t sell the synth item.

The fact that you can sell the raw materials means every RMT player (real money trader) is camping out there for these items and selling them. Grrr… I just need 2! (Now that’s a hint).

On top of that, the items are not 100% synth. It’s a hit or miss. So if you lose one of the items during synthing, you’ll have to do the entire process again. That really sucks.

So in the meantime, I’ll subbing THF in the hopes that I’ll get the drop. It’s off to the Ordelle’s Caves for me for the last item. I need to make room. These things aren’t stackable.