Can a device change the world?

Too bad there isn’t a book titled 2007 by George Orwell. If he did, it would be an Apple commercial today.

But today is 2007 and today the iPhone will be released.

Definitely there will be the lines outside AT&T stores as well as Apple stores to be one of the first with the miracle phone. As much as I didn’t want to be one of the millions of bloggers who will blog about the iPhone. But is it truly a remarkable device?

Last January in Macworld, Steve Jobs announced to the world that Apple will be making a phone. And like the Apple faithful people thought it was a great idea.

But this was entirely new territory. The iPhone enters a very mature market. A far different marketplace from when the iPod came out. This phone should be extra special for it to succeed.

The features and the concept behind the phone was totally revolutionary. One of the problems of all mobile phones to this date is that it was based on one form as Steve Jobs pointed this out in his keynote. Much like computers, the form and functions were jammed into the shape even if it was not the most efficient way of doing this. And this was the basis for the interface of the iPhone.

The mere announcement of the iPhone sent ripples through the mobile phone industry. We are now forced to look at things differently. But could the excitement to the phone live up to the hype? David Pogue’s article for the New York Times probably sums up this product.

Will now have an era like Before iPhone and After iPhone? Maybe? Because 2007 won’t be 2007 anymore.

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