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Every Metal Gear Solid game to be re-released

According to who states that popular gaming news site IGN says that Konami is re-releasing all MGS games in Japan as part of the 20th anniversary of the franchise. The games will be re-priced and released in their original format. No word yet if this will be available outside of Japan.

I can’t believe that Solid Snake has been around for twenty years already. I still haven’t gotten far in the PSP version which is the direct sequel to the MGS3 Snake Eater. I’m sure people have much better records than I have but my proudest achievement was finishing Snake Eater in less than 3 days and I have a day job. The problem with doing that is I don’t want to play it all over again. Just thinking what I had to go through to finish the first time I played it, even though it was fun, I don’t think I can play it again.

The only MGS game I played over and over again was the Twin Snakes gamecube version. Because they added some of the moves that were introduced in the Sons of Liberty version, it made the game a whole lot easier. Not to mention the graphics were very much improved. So much so that there is speed version of it somewhere in the web.

I do hope that they release it in North America. I’d probably get the PS1 version since it’s the only one I don’t have. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was released at the same time as MGS4?