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NBC makes content available on Zune marketplace

Months after NBC bailed out of iTunes they start selling their content on the Zune marketplace for also $1.99. But the difference they say is that NBC was given more options regarding their pricing.

Good for them they finally found a place that will sell their content. Now who’s going to buy it?

Something that should have been with the elite

Xbox 360 to get built-in HD DVD drive in late 2008? – Engadget

This is just so late. This should have been with the Elite that came out nine months ago. It’s like an unwanted child that was aborted at the last minute before they made the delivery. It might have made a difference where HD-DVD is at the moment. Yes, I know that the HD wars is far from over but the amount of money that I’ve spent on my Xbox 360 to get it into HD is probably the same amount that I would have spent to get a PS3.

And what does this do to all of us early adopters? Well we just got screwed over by Microsoft. At least I haven’t bought anything non-game related at the Xbox Marketplace only to discover that I can’t transfer any of it to a Zune (if I ever owned one). Let’s see how this pans out this Holiday. Maybe at the same time they would finally fix all those overheating 3RL errors.