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Under pressure

Named after that song from Queen, now I have to program the arduino to recognize an analog input. Meaning, it’s not just as simply flipping a switch. This requires and entirely different mindset.


Using a knobthingy commonly known as a “potentiometer”, it allows the light to switch on once you turn it past a certain point. Notice that the potentiometer does not use a resistor and is an exception to the rule.

Now I wanted to control the intensity of the LED using a light sensor. So I ended up with this. It still needs a bit of tweaking on the range the sensor recognizes but it more or less captures the desired result.

I’m still working on two LEDs and two pressure sensors.


Wind machine

There used to be a cable channel back home that was called the “Aquarium channel” which was basically a camera pointed at a very large aquarium and played classical music the whole day. Sometimes, there would be dead fish floating and other times it was being cleaned or something. Eventually they took it out and replaced it with something more profitable.

I thought it was a great break in the channel programming where people could just stare at the aquarium and just relax but saddened that as with any television entity, you couldn’t really interact with it.

I propose a visual array of bamboo trees with the sound of wind just rustling through and moving each tree individually.


Thank you softypapa for the great video.

Instead of using a camera to capture motion to sway the trees, I was thinking of using various microphones strategically positioned around the display to sense where the wind is coming from and move the image accordingly.

Or I can put an array of flex sensors inserted into actual bamboos located in a remote location to and via IP addressing to send the signals back to the display to move the bamboo trees visualization.