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Social networks is good for the workplace – experts

Facebook, YouTube at Work Make Better Employees: Study

Mind you this article came out on April 2. So this can’t be an April Fool’s joke. Well at least in Australia. According to a study from the University of Melbourne, employees who surf the internet at work for personal reasons are 9% more productive.

This is good news to us office dwellers who spend seemingly endless hours toiling away in airconditioned rooms and padded walls. Funny, it seems like I’m describing and entirely different place from what I intended it to be. But then I’m describing my office. What were you thinking of?

Why Google’s a cooler place to work than Yahoo

A Yahoo intern’s excited post about his workplace just proves that Google’s even cooler.

I wish my office had mango lassis. I could not possibly get any better. Heck if I worked at Google I probably wouldn’t go home. It’s a cool place to work. It’s already bad enough that you have to dodge through the traffic and the chaos just to get to work. On top of that the facist laws that usually govern the workplace, partnered with indifferent bosses who think that your problems are not problems because it does not affect them directly. Hmmmm.

I must admit that I do get some office perks which I will not mention because they are lame in comparison to what Google has done for it’s employees. Corporations should take note of this. Google has high productivity and people want to work there and stay there. Why? They feel that their job is important. They feel that they can make a significant contribution to society. In one sentence, they feel special. They make it possible for you to work. You can’t give any excuse not to work. They solve it all for you.

A company that takes are of it’s own will be cared for by it’s employees more than what they’ve spent on them.

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