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This week’s CommLab2D homework is about typography.

So how would my name look like in typography?


I’ve selected 3 serif and sans serif fonts to fit the bill. From my name it’s important for me for the font to have prominent A’s, M’s and D’s.


It’s important for me to present the “A” of my mother’s maiden name due to the fact that there are technically 3 Melissa dela Merced’s in the family. The only letter that separates us is the middle initial and I’ve selected it here with Serif font, “Bergamo”.

My name has Spanish origins and traditionally the word “dela” is not counted alphabetically and is set in the lowercase. Using the font “Merriweather”, this allows a balance in the letters that are important to me without having to sacrifice any.


“Quattrocento” is an interesting font for me that I would like set in steel infront of my future office. This it almost looks like a sans serif font but the A’s and the M’s give it away.


“Days” is a sans serif font that I would like to put on the side of a race car. There is a certain amount of flair in the A while maintaining the orderliness of the rest of my name which I would describe me as a somewhat traditional person.


I’ve set my name in this order since I share the same initials as my mother. “Salaryman” represents my family. The way that it lines up the MDM together.


“Hattenschweiler” is what I call the Star Trek font or how your name is usually written in rallycars. I place it here as my fondness for both.


These are just a few of my experiments in typography. Two of which is based on what I was feeling over the weekend while the other came from a random word I saw on the internet.