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Mass mail SEGA for Shenmue!


Fans have not given hope for Shenmue Part 3 in this MySpace page where action is demanded starting November 27, Thursday until December 29.

They plan on sending toy capsules to the SEGA offices in Japan with “Shenmue” notes in them.

If the Yakuza series on the PS2 isn’t your thing and still demand for the original, then click on the link and join the petition.

Sega says no to Shenmue 3 for now

Sega: No Plans For Shenmue III, Seaman 2

In an interview by Kotaku to Sega of America president Simon Jeffery, Sega is not yet ready to continue Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue series just yet.

Well at least he didn’t say no. This gives us fans of the series hope that this game may still see the light of day.

I have the games on both the Dreamcast and the Xbox and I was hoping that the rumor of chapter III appearing on the Wii could come true. I can always dream can’t I?