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I thought UMPCs were supposed to be "affordable"

It’s interesting where a little heart can go.

Originally the OLPC (one laptop per child) wanted give poor countries access to computers to bring them up to speed with the rest. Of course it’s a bright idea so other PC manufacturers went off and made their own.

It’s been almost a year since the Asus eeeeeepc came out are they any cheaper?

The 701 came out and was pretty much a hit. Even I was tempted. But with the impending release of the 1000 and the 901 the rumored street price in about $500-700. Is still still the cheap laptop that everyone would buy?

Sure it’s a lot cheaper than the mac book air but the prices are about to reach the selling rate of regular laptops. So is it still worth it to buy these UMPCs?

Dell, HP, Asus, MSI and so on are building their own version all at relatively the same price range. The Asus 901 eepc alone has specs to drool for. It’s an ideal mobile computer in my opinion. Do you think I can install a “hackintosh” in it?

I’m not really a windows fan nor a linux. I may go for windows just to use some of my apps that I use that are exclusively on windows. Would it be enough for a road warrior like myself? Can it take my raw pictures from my digital camera and upload to my flickr and blog and twitter and travel around the world? Can I live that long without touching my mac? Or can my phone do it all?

If prices of these UMPCs drop to the $300 range with XP in it. I’m sold! I’m buying one. But the $500? Forget it. I can get a pretty good Lenovo for that kind of money.