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Motor Kits

Tamiya Motor kits

Over the winter break I was able to procure these at a hobby shop in the Bay Area. I’ve worked with Tamiya kits since I was in grade school and have found the quality of their kits reliable and efficient.

Upon coming back to New York for the Spring term I decided to assemble one of these kits.’

Tamiya Motor kits

So I’ve learned that motors are either really easy to use of a pain to live with. You either have too much power or not enough torque. Some solutions vary to either getting a bigger motor or something else completely different like a stepper motor.

The Tamiya 6-Speed Gearbox High efficiency is not like a gear box for a car which you can vary the step by moving the gears. In this kit you can move the gears but it would require the disassembly of the entire apparatus.

So let’s begin. In kit comes a variety og gears, a motor, casing, and various parts to interface the motor to a variety of projects.

Tamiya Motor kits

These particular Tamiya kits comes from the Philippines and Japan.

Tamiya Motor kits

The data sheet comes with steps in English and Japanese on how to assemble the kit to the desired ratios. I selected to assemble option E which turns the gears at 19.9 revolutions per minute.

I’ve assembled the motor and will post pictures soon and where I plan to use the motor.