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Help me decide

What to do for my finals?? I have a bunch and need to narrow them down and focus on ONE project for the next two weeks.

1. Enhance the AR project.

I would actually move the AR codes into playing cards and laying them down the table would project different words. I was thinking of making it a language learning tool. By arranging them in the correct order/ syntax, you will get the english translation.


haptic interface via IR, same as above but a touchscreen keyboard on plexi.


Hang a bunch of AR codes around and when a camera or phone is pointed at it, it will display a “virtual forest” with vines or branches linking between the AR codes.

2. Enhance the midterm project.

Instead of putting random unrelated images as I walk through space using the kinect. I’d like to project an actual scene that would give you the illusion of actually walking through space.


Generate an interactive scene that would respond to your proximity and facial reactions much like a camera enabled Eliza psychotherapist bot.

3. I’d like to make a digital camera obscura box. But it seems to me that the illusion is lost when it moves to the digital form compared to the actual physics involved in projecting it.

So I’m reaching out to the class to help me decide.