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Duke Nukem Forver Lives!!

Duke Nukem Forever GAMEPLAY 2KGames (HD) @ PAX Sept. 2010 FULL (PS3 XBOX 360 PC)

Is it possible that the greatest vaporware of all time will actually see a release date!?! If any signs at PAX 2010 last week was any indication it will!! Gearbox Software purchased the rights from the original developer 3D Realms and to be published by 2K Games, Duke Nukem Forever will be released on the PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

How true can this be? A playable demo is the closest thing since that trailer that came out a few years back. One of the best games of the 90s will finally see light after only 12 years in the making. Fans stood 3 hours in line just to play it.

I hope Gran Turismo doesn’t hit that mark. Or the Final Fantasy 15. These games really take a while to make.

But will the game capture the imagination of it’s audience? When Duke Nukem 3D came out in the mid-90s, there was only Doom, Wolfenstein and a number of others with Quake to come a few years later. Console gaming wasn’t much. Multiplayer was only for the geek elite. Flash forward 12 years later. You now have an audience exposed through 4 Halo games, various incarnations of Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Gears of War, Fallout and so on. There’s just too may first person games out there. Will Duke Nukem find it’s audience? It depends on how it’s executed. Duke Nukem is not for anyone below 18, especially when the story revolves around Space Pigs kidnapping strippers and Duke goes off to rescue them. If you thought the conservatives were worried about the sex scenes in Mass Effect or the even the sex mini game in God of War. I’d expect Duke to be much much worse.

All that said. I’ll still pick up the game for the memories. It will be a big bonus if it’s actually good. Duke Nukem Forver is set for a 2011 release.