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Dragon Age 2

BioWare | Dragon Age 2

From the initial site, you will create a new character to survive in Thedas. You start off as a refugee and slowly rise to power to become a hero! The character classes are still the same (warrior, mage, rogue) and the storyline supposedly spans for decades compared to a year in Dragon Age 1. There’s no mention on which characters from the original game will make it to Dragon Age 2.
I’m still hoping that I can import my character and equipment from the first game as well as the decisions I made . Please Bioware!!

Pre-orders start today. Main game trailer to be released on August 17. says the game will be released on February 1, 2011.

Leliana’s Song

The latest DLC from Dragon Age deals with the bard Leliana’s back story. SPOILER WARNING to those who haven’t completed the main game.


I believe it’s safe to assume that this was set way before the blight and the fall of the Grey Wardens but after the war with Orlais. You take the role of Leliana, bard by day and assassin by night. You arrive in Denerim with your mentor, Marjolaine and a small group of a mage and a dwarf to do a job that your were supposedly hired for.

If you have completed the game you would have known by now the events that led Leliana to join the chanrty. That is of course you completed her personal quest in the main game. Much of it is predictable but it’s still interesting to see how she changes through the events that follow.


It’s the first DLC which has recorded brand new dialogue. The add-on actually feels like a scene in Awakenings rather than a crappy expansion. But is this for everyone? If you like 100% completion, this adds 3 new trophies to you Playstation account or additional gamer points for the Xbox360. If you like Leliana, this is a good few hours of gameplay. There’s a new body armor for rogues and best of all, more game time with Dragon Age!! But as this places the game definitely in the past, I will still have to create a new game and see if there are any changes to the main game. I assume it does not much like the other DLCs do not carry over to Awakenings.

I think this is a good step for Bioware to release back story DLCs on the main characters as it gives a clearer explanation for their motivations in the main game. Unfortunately in doing so, the story becomes predictable and you just end up following A to B without any serious consequence to the main game. But from all the characters in Dragon Age, I’d like to see Morrigan done next.

So where does this stand among the others? This is much much better than the Darkspawn Chronicles which was just the Battle of Denerim but got the other side. A little longer than Warden’s Keep (but of course we only got that expansion for the storage chest), it’s not as character driven as The Stone Prisoner. I’d say this is on the same level as Return to Ostagar.

Available now on the Playstation Store ($6.99), Xbox Marketplace (560 MS Points) or on the PC (560 Bioware Points).

Dragon Age: The Darkspawn Chronicles

Dragon Age Darkspawn Chronicles

Now for a very short review. Because that’s how short this expansion is. It’s heavily based on a “what if?”. What if you died during your joining? What if the darkspawn won the battle in Denerim?

The game puts you in the shoes of a Darkspawn Commander as you charge through the gates and one by one you defeat the heroes of the game. You gain control of various troops and you must fulfill certain objectives before you can advance to the next area.

In one word it’s a zzzzzzzz. I’m serious. If I wasn’t just in it for the trophies, there’s nothing to see here unless you have the perverse need to see all your party members die. Although it is interesting to control the darkspawn and learn their powers.

But all in all it does not add to the total experience of the game. Maybe the next one will give me more hope.

Dragon Age – DLC – Leliana’s Song Trailer

Hands on: Dragon Age: Awakening SPOILER WARNING!!

I finally got my hands on the first major expansion pack of Dragon Age which is Dragon Age Origins Awakening. The story takes six months after the main game where, depending on the choices you made in the first game find yourself Warden-Commander of Vigil’s Keep. Much has happened in the past six months. Your former companions have moved on with their lives and now must rebuild the Grey Wardens of Ferelden. At the end of the main game, the Wardens were given the Arling of Amaranthine which were once those of Arl Rendon Howe and it is those lands which you will build your future.

You travel to Vigil’s Keep with Mhairi, a Warden recruit. But things are not as they seem as it has been overrun by darkspawn. Mystery surrounds the darkspawn invasion since you have already ended the blight but the darkspawn still remain in organized numbers. You are able to quickly form a full party including your former teammate Oghren and a new apostate mage Anders all of which you draft into becoming Grey Wardens.

Unfortunately at this point, there are some issues when importing your character from the main game.

  1. Armor and weapons that came with any DLC apart from the “Return to Ostagar” will not be imported. So if you’re wearing you Blood Dragon Armor with your Starfang sword, you will appear in the game naked and weaponless. (The only explanation I can of for this, the first DLCs, “Warden’s Keep” and “Stone Golem” are embedded in the original disc unlike “Return to Ostagar”. Why couldn’t they just include the whole thing on the disc. There’s 23GB of space on the PS3 disc!?!)
  2. Depending on your choices in the final moments of the first game, it determines who your king or queen will be. But you can somehow import your character even if you died. So even if you made Anora ruler of Ferelden, sacrificed yourself for the good of Ferelden, import your character, the King will Alistair. There’s no explanation on how you came back to life whatsoever. There is no Mass Effect 2 moment where you stay dead and cannot import your character into Mass Effect 3. Maybe Bioware will fix this in the future but I’m surprised that they let this one slip by.
  3. You don’t get to bring your dog along. This really sucks. I mean, the Dog and I went through the whole blight together and came back. And now that I’m Warden-Commander, he’s not with me? This just seems sooo wrong.

Your companions undergo the joining and Mhairi does not make it. It’s sad I know. She was actually quite an interesting character for the scant hour that she was in the party and you even have the opportunity to level her up. It just feels wrong.

Now that the darkspawn have been driven out of Vigil’s Keep it’s time to rebuild. Rebuilding costs money and resources. You’ll have to micromanage the arling both politically and financially if you ever hope of defending it against the darkspawn.

There are only a few places to go to and all of them are in Amaranthine. You are unable to return to Warden’s Keep to get your things nor can you go anywhere else. You are stuck with your inventory from your last save and that’s it.

So the journey to unravel the mystery begins and along with it are new companions. None of which you can have a romance with. That’s just it. A RPG with no romance in it.and this is Bioware we’re talking about. What the?!? Where’s all that deepening of the storyline and relationships with your character. I should’ve gotten the message when they killed off Mhairi in the start. But leaving this out is a big step back. There’s no mention of your previous relationship (Unless you married the king or queen that is.) or even a glimpse about it. Makes you wonder if Bioware had thought it through. I can understand the no romance part if you married the king or queen. But if your romantic interest died and all, shouldn’t you get another chance at a relationship? Bioware thinks not. Can it come in a future patch? Please?

The new abilities and skills are a huge change to the game. The new jobs are unlocked by purchase. So all the sovereigns you amassed in the main game are carried over and believe me you will need them. New jobs like Shadow and Battlemage are really helpful which the warrior ones are pretty good in

There’s no more camp. Instead you’re all in the great hall of Vigil’s Keep. You get to collect trophies from the areas you visit and are put on display at the hall. What is disappointing is the lack of further PC-NPC interaction once you’re there. Interactions are only done when a companion reaches a certain friendship level and it automatically runs once you enter the hall. Personal quests are unlocked based on your “friendliness” status is. If it’s a little low, no chance of that happening. Go give some gifts and see where it goes but I bet you it doesn’t get very far. Although Bioware is considering a “Romance pack” for both Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I just wished that they had made the ones in Awakening the default.

I just wished that I could still visit the other areas in the game such as Denerim or Warden’s Keep (obviously to get my stuff) and not let the game just end like that. Much like what happens in Mass Effect 2, where even after you’ve defeated the collectors (provided that you survive) you can still play the rest of the available DLC coming out without having to play through it all over again.

If you loved the first game, then this one should feel just right. Newcomers to the game should play the main game first. Don’t cheat and create an Orleasian Warden. Like Mass Effect, to really experience the game is to import your character. There was an issue with the Warden’s Keep expansion mainly due to the Party Storage Chest which characters really needed in the game and it was only available as a DLC. Bioware has done good and has included this in this expansion.

I’m done with my first playthrough. Now on to load another saved game with completely opposite choices.

Time to Return to Ostagar

The much anticipated and very much delayed DLC for Dragon Age: Origins has finally been released! I can’t give an opinion on it just yet as I’m playing this game on my PS3 instead of the Xbox. But I’ll be sure to download it and play the minute it’s available.

Return to Ostagar is still coming

Dragon Age’s Ostagar DLC Coming (Again) Soon

Gaming sites report that the very much delayed DLC for Dragon Age, Return to Ostagar may be released soon. After the embarrassment  early this year with the DLC as well as the day 1 errors for the Mass Effect 2 DLC, Bioware is taking great care now with their releases.

I just wonder if it will actually come out before Awakenings. Maybe Awakenings itself maybe be delayed as well. But as long as they release it working. I don’t think gamers would mind waiting. We’ve already waited this long.

DLC Returned to Bioware

Dragon Age Return To Ostagar DLC Now Unavailable – Dragon age: origins – Kotaku

According to reports posted on, the delayed DLC for Dragon Age: Origins “Return to Ostagar” was available on the Xbox Marketplace for a while before it was pulled out due to bug with specialization skills.

Returned!?!? You can imagine what went down at the forums after this announcement.

Then let the chaos begin.

I’m actually losing hope that the Awakening expansion will out on time in April if they can’t get this 1 hour DLC off the ground, what more with 15 hours in Awakening. They may be able to get my faith back if they are able to make one of these “announced” release dates true. In the meantime, Bayonetta, you have all of my time until White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy 13 till then.

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening details

Dragon Age Origins – Awakening

I finally have read the details on Bioware’s official website on Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. I’m almost afraid on what word they will add in the next expansion. Think of it as Dragon Age Origins: Awakening Journey to Orlais. It will be almost just as ridiculous as hearing Final Fantasy MCMLXXXVIII and so on.

But back to the expansion. You have a choice of either importing your Dragon Age: Origins character or starting anew as a Grey Warden from Orlais sent to Ferelden to rebuild the Grey Wardens. Apparently the story revolves around the fact the archdemon was predicted to be slain for that event to give way for the rise of more darkspawn. This refers to the talking darkspawn.

You’ll get five new party members plus an old one from DAO. From my previous post, I assumed this was Oghren because of the screenshot of the trailer. But no more Leliana? No Wynne? Zevran can go for all I care. The dog?

I see a new area called Vigil’s Keep. I wonder if we can visit any of the current areas and what’s happened since the blight ended.

When you scroll down the page, you see this image.

I guess we haven’t seen the last of Morrigan.

Dragon Age Origins Awakening coming in March

The rumors are true! An expansive Dragon Age adventure continues in March.

Judging from the video released by Bioware. At least there aren’t any spoilers that most would notice. Unless you consider the defeat of the Archdemon a spoiler. Maybe other than the fact that Alistair becomes…I don’t think I should spoil it that way. Aside from Alistair, I can only see Oghren and from the looks of it that’s either new mage companion or a new PC.

Here’s the face of your talking darkspawn.

I wonder who she is? Another apostate? A mage from Tevinter?

He looks like the one from the Asunder quest.

It looks to me that you can carry off your save game from Dragon Age: Origins since one of them is wearing the Juggernaut armor set. Just how much is transferred from your old save game remains to be seen.

Anyhow, I just feel all the more uncomfortable about the timing of all of this. Just a day after they announced that they will not be releasing Return to Ostagar, they release a video stating the release of an new expansion pack. But I feel so let down, and teasing me with another trailer isn’t helping. Not to mention they mention an exact release date of March 16. If they don’t want so much backlash over their release dates they should have just written “Spring 2010” or “March 2010” if they’re so sure of themselves. Neither of which are still not in my hands. There’s no mention whether or not this will be downloaded or another disc purchase. From all the new content they’re stuffing in. I’m betting a new disc purchase. I’m sure we’ll learn of more details in the coming months.

Really now?

Delayed Return to Ostagar

Dragon Age: Origins Won’t Return To Ostagar On Time – Dragon age: origins – Kotaku

If you’ve been clicking the refresh button on the Playstation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Bioware website for the past few hours in hopes of getting the new DLC for Dragon Age then you’re out of luck. Bioware has announced that the Return to Ostagar has been delayed for all platforms and no new announcement on when this will be available.

This sucks. I’ve been looking forward to the expansion. I’ve even leveled up a new character to just before the landsmeet. I should have known better than trust release dates from gaming companies. But I’ll get really pissed if they’re going to make me until March for the DLC. We’ll be watching you Bioware. Always watching. Replies to the announcement are rather interesting. Here’s some of them.

And to top it off…

The forum has grown to over 80 pages in just a matter of hours. I wonder how long this is going to last.