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Dragon Age: The Darkspawn Chronicles

Dragon Age Darkspawn Chronicles

Now for a very short review. Because that’s how short this expansion is. It’s heavily based on a “what if?”. What if you died during your joining? What if the darkspawn won the battle in Denerim?

The game puts you in the shoes of a Darkspawn Commander as you charge through the gates and one by one you defeat the heroes of the game. You gain control of various troops and you must fulfill certain objectives before you can advance to the next area.

In one word it’s a zzzzzzzz. I’m serious. If I wasn’t just in it for the trophies, there’s nothing to see here unless you have the perverse need to see all your party members die. Although it is interesting to control the darkspawn and learn their powers.

But all in all it does not add to the total experience of the game. Maybe the next one will give me more hope.

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