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Will the San Diego Comic Con replace E3?

E3 and the San Diego Comic Convention were only weeks apart from each other and it seemed that other than Netflix and Final Fantasy 13 moving over to the Xbox 360, the SDCC generated more news than E3.

For the uninformed, the San Diego Comic con is the largest comic book convention in the world. It is where Marvel, DC and dozens of other publishers and related industries show their wares and for fans to meet the writers and artists behind the comic books.

With the surge in comic book related success like that of Iron Man and Batman, not to mention Superman and Spider-man and with an ever growing manga (that’s Japanese comics) fan base it should come as no surprise that movie studios, video game publishers and toy manufacturers are now almost a permanent fixture at the SDCC.

Since E3 has turned into an industry only event, many have said that it now a shadow of it’s former self. It’s not the same with the fanboys cheering on the side for their favorite game or console. This is a huge difference between the “welcome fans!” banner of the SDCC.

I’ve only attended a comic con once which was the Wondercon, the 3rd comic con in the US and I must say that it was a lot of fun. I heard the SDCC is a whole lot better.

More news was coming out of San Diego more than Los Angeles during E3. Fans had a chance to see first hand what DC online looks like on the PS3 and hear Jim Lee talk about it as well.

Is E3 doomed to suffer the same fate as Comdex?