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Kinect Hand Tracking

It’s very unique that a single camera can essentially do two things. It’s far from perfect but it’s still a joy to work with. The Xbox Kinect is actually two cameras put together. A “traditional” RGB camera and an infrared camera assembled side by side. Due to the assembly of the camera, what you see in one lens is not the same as the other due to a parallax effect where the cameras are not displaying the exact same image. Most notably a less than 1 cm gap between the two cameras.

What makes this unique is the ability of the kinect to detect depth via the IR camera. As the kinect projects infrared light, this can be seen by the IR camera and return values that measure depth or distance of an object in front of it.

For the first week in Computational Cameras is to work with the depth camera and see what things we can do with it.

Based on the OpenNI framework and using the Processing library we are able to track our hand with the Kinect as seen with the red dot.

Notice that when my hand turns black, the Kinect is technically, unable to see my hand. The dot follows my right hand even when I put it down and extend my left hand. However I can pick up the dot with my left and pass it on.

What if we use a shape?

For this example I decided to use a katamari.

I decided to use an SVG file instead of the traditional image file due to it’s ability to keep it’s resolution when scaled. I assume the properties are the same when using the PImage command as well.

It was simple enough to call the katamari into the sketch and behaves the same way as the dot. But seeing the katamari in gray isn’t fun. So I activated the RGB camera and put them side by side.

Notice on how the image goes beyond the frame of the IR camera but still visible in the entire sketch.

And by putting the two together. I seems like magic! I wish this was real that the katamari would roll up the mess in my room.

Next up. I want to put more objects that I can interact with and manipulate in multiple screens.

CommLab: Web Final Proposal


I’d like to expand my choose your own adventure game into the text based adventure games of the early personal computing age. Much like Mystery House which took me a lot of hours to complete and even got the help of my entire family since this was on the Apple IIe, our first computer in 1983.

I’d render the text on just a plain black background and see if it will work using a CSS stylesheet and text input.

The story would be a mystery for the player to solve. More to come.

The illusion of color



Focus at the cross in the middle and notice the circles disappear.

iPad 2 in HK

iPad 2 in HK, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Saw this line since yesterday. People lining up for an iPad 2. One store nearby sold out it’s stock and wont have any untill Thursday.

From 3200 meters

From 3200 meters, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

It’s not that high compared to other peaks in Nepal. Almost home. Will post pictures soon.

Electricity schedule

Electricity schedule, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Nepal suffers rotating blackouts. Here’s the schedule of our hotel. More black than light.


Bricks, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Bricks seen in Kathmandu.

Nepal day 1

Nepal day 1, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Morning in Kathmandu and here’s tge hotel. Apparently this is the same hotel that my team stayed in 2006. Ah the memories.

Yogurt of the Day

Yogurt of the Day, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Dragon Age II Demo

Dragon Age II Demo, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

About to start my Dragon Age II playthough. Should I broadcast it live?