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Chair art

Chair art, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Seen while walking down Bonifacio High Street.

A room with a view

A room with a view, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Here’s the view from the office where I’m working. My cameraphone doesn’t do it justice. I’ll bring my DSLR to take better pictures.

Seen this weekend

Seen this weekend, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Seen in Duty Free Philippines.

Brown water

Brown water, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Manila Water did some work on the water lines earlier. Water seems kinda brown. Eeew.

Consult day

Consult day, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

It’s the one and only day that I cannot bring my car out so I walked
to Starbucks. While waiting for some people I’m supposed to meet. I
decided to have a little snack until they get here.


Bento!, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Lunch today is an elegant bento box in a new restaurant we’re trying
out today.

Microwavable pork rinds

Microwavable pork rinds, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

I know they’re bad for my heart. But I just had to try these since you can pop then in the microwave like popcorn. We’ll see if they’re any good.

More yogurt

More yogurt, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Is it just me or does the Red Mango yogurt in Trinoma taste better
than the one in Eastwood mall?

Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference?
Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

Seen last weekend

Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

I went to the mall this weekend and while waiting at the ATM near the cinemas this was next to it.
At first glance it looks like the same bench at Pixar Studios, but this one’s made out cardboard. It looks like they just got it up this weekend.

Anyhoo I’m making sure that I’ll be watching this movie when it comes out.

Just a note, this is the first Pixar full length film where a voice actor was not hired for the lead. This should be very facinating.